​​L.Danny perez

L. Danny Perez

Danny is currently a teacher where he was born and raised. He always wanted to give the youth of Huntington Park a better education than his and pursued his teaching career after graduating with his B.A in Linguistics from California State University, Long Beach. He continues to work with inner-city youth and hopes to provide the education they deserve.

Top Photo Credit: Andrea Negrete

L. Danny Perez was born in Huntington Park, CA, the youngest of five. He began writing fan fiction after reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone at the age of twelve. Soon after, he began writing his own fictional stories, keeping them all private. After living in his car for a period of eight months, 21-year-old Danny began writing with a purpose. His debut short story It Runs at Night Volume 1 The Water Boils was released in 2016 and will be followed by Volume 2 The Jackal.